The John Birch Society to attend CPAC 2011 as affiliate


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The John Birch Society to attend CPAC 2011 as affiliate
The JBS announces it’s an affiliate of CPAC 2011, will have two booths with plenty of educational literature, once again interviewing attendees

APPLETON, WIS.—November 12, 2010—The John Birch Society has signed on as an affiliate for the 38th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference, otherwise known as CPAC 2011. This will be held February 10-12, 2011, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. Last year’s appearance was the JBS’s first since the early 1990s.

“Last year’s appearance went so well that we are very happy to return,” said Bill Hahn, Public Relations Manager for JBS. “The attendees couldn’t have been nicer and it will be great to make further connections with those interested in learning more about Constitutional solutions for the problems affecting this nation.”

Over the last couple of years, JBS has seen a real thirst in the electorate for solutions to overbearing and unconstitutional government.  JBS has responded with a number of activist and educational tools, many of which will be displayed and given out at the JBS CPAC booth # 310 and 312.  Most prominently will be tools for choosing freedom and stopping ObamaCare, including information on nullification, repealing and defunding the unconstitutional new health care law. 

Campus Liberty Alliance, the collegiate organizing arm of JBS, will be promoted within the booth, as will the JBS news magazine, The New American.

altThe other half of the JBS booth will be used for on-camera interviews of conservative leaders and attendees by Liberty News Network.  Last year, those interviewed included author Cory Emberson, National Right to Work’s President Mark Mix, American Petroleum Institute’s Chief Economist John Felmy, talk radio host Wayne Bradley, author James Bovard, syndicated columnist Star Parker, bestselling author and columnist Jerome Corsi, Eagle Forum’s Founder Phyllis Schlafly, American Policy Center’s President Tom DeWeese and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.  We also caught a lively, yet respectable discussion between MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and JBS staff at the booth.  JBS CPAC 2010 video interviews can be seen here.

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, The John Birch Society is dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the U.S. Constitution. Members come from all walks of life and are active throughout the 50 states on local, regional and national issues. United by a strong belief in personal freedom and limited government, members work to achieve the mission of the organization: to bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles. Visit for more information.

Top photo: JBS Director of Marketing Larry Greenley (right) with a visitor during a busy stretch
Middle photo: JBS Volunteer Leader Andy Dlinn (right) interacts with visitors signing up for introductory subscriptions to news magazine The New American.
Bottom photo: JBS President John McManus scans the crowd from inside the JBS booth.


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