Worst Trade Deal in History

After routinely blasting NAFTA as the “worst trade deal in the history of the world” during his 2016 campaign, President Trump was persuaded to renegotiate NAFTA instead of withdrawing. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), aka NAFTA 2.0, moves us closer to a North American Union. It is expected to be voted on by Congress in 2019.

NAFTA 2.0 is not free trade, it is heavily government-regulated trade which strips away American sovereignty, independence, and ultimately, our liberties. We must stop it!

From NAFTA to the NAU

As described by NAFTA supporters, NAFTA is “not a conventional trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system“. Step-by-step, Canada, Mexico, and the United States are being pushed into an economic and political union known as the North American Union (NAU) that is modeled after the European Union (EU). This “international system” threatens our independence, our Constitution, our rights, and our way of life.

This fight is not about jobs, workers, environmental protections, or trade. It’s about retaining our right to govern ourselves as Americans and not as “global citizens.”

Americanism vs. Globalism

Our Founding Fathers knew of the difficulty of keeping our constitutional Republic. They warned against entangling alliances and advised us to jealously guard sovereignty, independence, and liberty. Today globalists are maneuvering countries into regional partnerships and unions.

How do countries feel about losing their sovereignty? Look at what the United Kingdom did in 2016: It voted to get out of the European Union and throw off the shackles of globalism.

If we wish to protect Americanism, our freedom, and our personal rights, we must get out of these entangling alliances. Join with us to Get Us Out! of NAFTA and Stop the North American Union!

John Birch Society