A Chapter Report should be submitted every month regardless of the circumstances. The purpose of the Chapter Report is for Headquarters to get an idea of the activity of our Chapters and the Agenda they are participating in. We cannot get a true picture of our strengths and weaknesses if we cannot see the Chapter Reports.

Fill in the name of the person who is the Chapter Leader as well as the Chapter numerical or alphabetical designation.

The number of members in your Chapter is all members in good standing who are assigned to your Chapter.

The number in attendance is the members who actually attended your Chapter Business Meeting.

The number of members working on our agenda may also include those who did not attend the Business Meeting but from whom you have received a report of their activity. We want to know how many are participating even if they could not make the meeting.

Each of the Roman numerals corresponds to the major JBS Agenda headings. If any member did anything within that Agenda heading, even a sub section of the numerical agendum, count it as working within the major heading.

General & Misc. Comments includes any special information you believe pertinent to reporting about your Chapter. This can include a member moving and their new contact information, the death of a member, the number of new recruits, etc., plus any Agenda items your Chapter worked on as a group activity. Did you host a speaker – results? Does your Chapter have an ad hoc committee effort or campaign? Any information regarding these activities and their results would be appreciated.

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