How to Rescind a Con-Con Application

Learn quickly and easily how to rescind (repeal or cancel) state Article V convention applications by watching this 2-minute video, “How to Rescind an Application for an Article V Convention.”

This video provides practical tips for determining whether your state already has applied for Article V conventions and how to locate some model rescission resolutions that can be modified by your state legislators to wipe the slate clean in your state.

30 Years of Rescinding Applications

Members and allies of The John Birch Society have led the way in preserving the Constitution from the calling of an Article V convention since the late 1980s by working with state legislators to get rescission resolutions passed that canceled various existing Con-Con applications.

The best way to learn about this rescission movement is by reading, “Save the Constitution by Rescinding Article V Convention Applications,” a reprint from the January 25, 2016 issue of The New American magazine.

Rescind Applications in Your State

For online help in working with your state legislators to rescind existing Con-Con applications, click here for a JBS State Legislative Action Alert, “Tell Your State Legislators to Rescind Article V Convention Applications.” This alert is primarily oriented toward helping people in the 28 states with “live” BBA Con-Con applications to prevent a constitutional convention from being called by rescinding their Con-Con applications.

For further tools to help you learn about Con-Con rescissions and how to get a rescission resolution passed in your state be sure to go to the “Stop A Con-Con” action tools page at Con-Con Action Tools and look through the tools under the “Take Action” section.