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Teachers Open Their Doors Online
FreedomProject Education’s Teacher Talk is back, giving students an opportunity to experience this new, online classroom

APPLETON, WIS. – December 6, 2011 – FreedomProject Education (FPE) will be hosting Teacher Talk Live 360 for the elementary and middle schools on December 14 from 11-12 p.m. (CST). 

This special Teacher Talk will give parents and potential students the opportunity to interact live with five of the elementary and middle school teachers. 

FPE uses the newest technology in education, Blackboard Collaborate.  Blackboard Collaborate is a new web conferencing system that allows students and professors to interact with one another from anywhere around the world. 

Teacher Talk 360 will not only offer a sneak peak at the interactive education students will receive, but will also give parents and students an opportunity to speak with teachers about their expectations.  Teachers will also be able to give a synopsis of how their classes are structured.

FPE delivers a classical education in the tradition of America’s Founders while using the newest technologies in education.

Middle school courses kick off January 30.  The full K-12 curriculum will begin September 4, 2012.  Parents and students can expect to see a unified schedule between the elementary, middle and high school students, which run as fall and spring semesters, as well as an accelerated summer option as well.

Executive Director, Alan Scholl, couldn’t be more excited about the Teacher Talk and is hoping that it will bring more students to this new school.

Scholl states, “Winter Session High School enrollment is double that of the Fall, and Middle School enrollments are heavy despite open enrollment until January 24th for the January 30th launch. A number of private, Christian, and even charter schools are contracting to use FPE courses and instructors for all or part of their curriculum in September.  FreedomProject Education is off to a fast start!”

Please contact Hannah Brems to schedule an interview with Scholl to discuss the positive impact FreedomProject Education is creating.

FreedomProject, established in 2011, is the educational arm of the American Opinion Foundation.  With more than 130 adjunct professors (80 percent of which have advanced degrees), FreedomProject’s mission is to provide a classical education in the tradition of America’s Founders.  Learn more at









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