The True Faith of Our Founding Fathers

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The True Faith of Our Founding Fathers
Was America founded as a Christian nation?

APPLETON, WIS. – December 28, 2011 – According to major news outlets, current Republican presidential candidates believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, which is causing quite the controversy for some.

The New American recently published Faith of the Founding Fathers, written by Joe Wolverton II, which looks at the faith of some of the key Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Wolverton states in his article, “Atheists often claim that America was not founded on Christian principles and then point to the irreligiousness of our Founding Fathers; however, our Founders all believed in God.”

This article also summarizes and debunks the theories that the Founding Fathers were deists.

“While the men mentioned herein held different interpretations of the characteristics of God, of His son, Jesus Christ, and of the most correct way to worship them, they unanimously and sincerely believed that God was an all-powerful Creator and providentially interceded for mankind, particularly in the quest for liberty and the freedom of conscience that permitted diversity of worship,” Wolverton also states.

He concludes, “None of them was particularly evangelical, though all expressed a personal devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Whether Puritan, Anglican, Presbyterian, or otherwise, the men who crafted our Constitution zealously protected the right of all men to worship as they pleased.”

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