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Summer 2017 Speakers Tour

Dismantling the Con:

The Truth About Article V

Mr. Robert Brown: With full conservative control, Congress is at a perfect time to get back to the Constitution. Instead, the Article V Convention movement would rather change the Constitution instead of obeying it. Mr. Brown dismantles all arguments for a convention and inspires patriots to seek workable solutions.


Why It's Time to Get Us Out!

of the United Nations

Mr. Art Thompson: America's founders advocated a foreign policy of commerce with all nations and entangling alliances with none. Yet, for decades Congress has done the opposite, allowing the U.N. to have a voice in the everyday lives of Americans. What have we gotten in return? Further indebtedness, unconstitutional wars, and laws that run contrary to the American way of life.


The Trojan Horse Called


Mr. Arthur Thompson: What is really behind immigration and why has it not come under control by the federal government? Secrecy and deceit within both political parties are never addressed in the media and have the potential to destroy America. Mr. Thompson will discuss how we as citizens can take a stand and save the independence of our nation.


Indoctrination on the

College Campus

Dr. Duke Pesta: Get an eye-opening account of what your children can expect once they enter the amoral, hyper-politicized, progressive public university system. Learn to navigate the perilous waters of academia with faith in God and country intact. Practical solutions are offered on how to minimize the debt and indoctrination of campus life.




A History of Truth and Freedom

Since 1961 the Speakers Bureau has featured over 300 speakers and countless speaking engagements, educating the public on everything from sex education in the schools to taxation to the war on drugs. In many instances, these speeches spurred national movements that either stopped or greatly curtailed the Insiders’ plans.

Now more than ever – with a new, controversial president in office – we need to be on our toes. We need to be proactive. We need to make known the issues this country faces, and make sure Trump’s policies are constitutional.

As it has for many years, the Speakers Bureau can reach thousands of people, and get into the hands of those people the necessary tools to restore our Republic. Let’s go on the offense – contact Robin today to inquire about a speaker.



A Quote From the Past

Once Castro’s Pilot, He Defected to America in 1959
“If there had been even one chapter of the John Birch Society in Havana prior to 1959, working to expose Castro as Robert Welch was at the time, Cuba would never have fallen to Communism.”

Pedro Díaz Lanz worked as closely with Fidel Castro as anyone. But six months after Cuba fell to communism, the former revolutionary fled to America, where he eventually joined The John Birch Society and became a very popular speaker for the pro-freedom group.

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More Speakers and Topics


Common Core/ Education

Dr. Duke Pesta: True American history, limited government, and free enterprise have been attacked by the educational bureaucrats. Environmentalism, racism, and gender identity are the new curriculum. The elites are altering our children's minds, careers, and lives to promote their planned policy. Learn how you can fight back and restore moral education by booking a speech today.


Exposing the UN

Mr. Alex Newman: The ‘Brexit’ vote was a massive blow to globalism and the reverberations have inspired people around the world, especially in the United States and across Europe, to fight for their national independence and their right to self-government. Learn how the United Nations is a threat to our independence and sovereignty, and what we can do as individuals to continue forward with an #Amexit.



Mr. Arthur Thompson: Terrorism is not simply an act of violence; it has a political purpose. One purpose is to change the body of people in power; the other is to facilitate a change in the system of the existing government. Learn more about the reasons behind the world-wide terror triangle and what can be done to combat it by


Climate-Change / Exposing the UN

Mr. Bill Jasper: Global-warming alarmists will have you believe we are headed for an apocalypse, but they seldom show legitimate facts to back up their claims. 2016’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris was yet another attempt for the UN to control our lives. Learn more details about the global-warming hoax and how you can take action by booking a speech today.


The Judeo-Christian Basis

for Freedom & Liberty

Mr. Andy Dlinn: “The JBS motto is ‘Less government, more responsibility, and with God’s help, a better world.’ God gave us free will, He gave us the world to live in – isn’t that enough help? But what about God’s Word? It isn’t enough to just study the Bible – we have to put what God says to work in the world.” – Andy Dlinn. Learn more about how we can use faith in our everyday lives to make our world a better place.


Agenda 2030

Mr. Tom DeWeese: Agenda 21/2030 seeks for the government to curtail your personal freedoms, private property rights, and more through "sustainable development" laws and ordinances they have enacted. Many cities are already part of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainibility. Learn how you can fight Agenda 21/2030 at the local level with this informative speech


A Local Police Means

an Independent America

Mr. Jim Fitzgerald: The war against police continues, and Mr. Fitzgerald will peel back the motives that lead directly to world government. This stirring presentation will motivate supporters to get organized.


Religious Freedoms in Schools

Mr. Marc Urbach: Within the past century, the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally removed five religious freedoms from the schools, opening the doors for an ultra-liberal, anti-religious, and socialist agenda. Using primary documents and statements from the founding fathers, Mr. Urbach shows how the Court has ruled outside their jurisdiction and what we can do to restore morality in our schools.


Privacy and Technology

Mr. Mitchell Shaw: In the digital age, there is no clear line between digital liberty and any other liberty. As overreaching government agencies harvest the personal data of any and all, privacy and liberty recede. This presentation reveals the ways personal data is mined and used to create a startling accurate picture of each of us and shows — in clear layman’s terms — the tools and practices you need to protect your privacy and liberty from a culture of surveillance.


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