Featured 2020 Speakers

Arthur Thompson

JBS CEO Arthur Thompson has held virtually every volunteer and staff position in the Society, including National Director of Development and Communications and National Director of Field Activities. For several years, he represented the Society in a variety of media events, including appearing on “60 Minutes.”

He is the author of International Merger by Foreign Entanglements, To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments, and In the Shadows of the Deep State. He resides in Appleton, Wisconsin, with his wife, JoAnn.

Christian Gomez

Is the USMCA really a “big win” for America? Heralded as a replacement for NAFTA, it accelerates the globalists’ agenda for regional integration and eventual world government under the guise of “free trade.” In this presentation, Christian Gomez shares what’s really in the 1,400 page agreement and how it would affect our sovereignty.

Christian Gomez holds a B.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He currently serves as the Research Project Manager for The John Birch Society, contributes articles to The New American, and hosts Top Headline on the TNA website.

Alex Newman

More than 85% of American children are being indoctrinated by radicalized government schools. This includes sexualization, re-shaping of values, and deliberate dumbing down. In this presentation, teacher and author Alex Newman why this is so dangerous, and what you can do about it.

Alex Newman holds degrees in journalism, international relations and foreign languages. He is co-author of the book Crimes of the Educators, teacher at FreedomProject Academy, and foreign correspondent for The New American.

Frank de Verona

With the elections taking place in 2020, the antics of the Left are bound to get more outrageous than ever before. In this presentation, Frank de Verona delves into the socialist nature of the Democratic Party, the corruption and ridiculous promises of the presidential candidates, and what we need to do to keep American a free and sovereign Republic.

Frank de Verona is a historian, author, journalist and expert on Hispanic contributions, with degrees in political science, economics, and social studies, and certificates in Latin American Studies and Educational Administration and Supervision. Born in Cuba, he fought in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and endured two years in a communist prison as a POW. He now resides in Miami with his wife.

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