What Members Do

Members nationwide work together on action projects to restore constitutional, limited government. The resulting synergy creates positive changes within city councils, local police departments, county government, state legislatures and ultimately Congress.

Our Motto:

  • "Less government, more responsibility, and with God's help, a better world"
  • Join with Us!
  • Network with like-minded citizens
  • Preserve freedom by enforcing the Constitution
  • Work with a professional field staff following a positive plan of action
  • The John Birch Society has a proven record of over fifty years of reliability, accuracy and consistency.

What Special Privileges do Members Have?

  • Members have exclusive access to the historic JBS Archives. These archives include audio files, videos, books, bulletins, magazines and other archived items from Historic Speeches, Interviews, Presentations, Documentaries, Regional Conferences and previous Council Dinners.
  • The higher the membership status, the more you will have access to.
  • Click on memberships to view more details.

How Can I Spread The Word?

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**Delivered via print or digital during the initial 20 months, then an annual subscription must be purchased to continue receiving the magazine
* Add $10 for both print & digital delivery
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Once you submit your application, a local Field Staff member will contact you to discuss evaluation and membership approval.