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  1. AUDIO CD - Article VI presentation: The Founders Brilliant Solution to Big Government.

    Would an informed electorate bring about nullification of unconstitutional laws? Learn More
  2. AUDIO CD - Rein In Big Government with Article VI, Not V

    How to rein in Big Government by enforcing the Constitution Learn More
  3. Audio CD Dual feature - LOCAL vs NATIONAL POLICE & What's Happening to our Police?
  4. Audio CD Dual feature - An Introduction to Trading Away Your Freedoms & What is FREE Trade?

    Educate and activate businessmen and other conservatives with this introduction to what the free trade agenda is and why Americans should oppose it. Also available as a DVD. Learn More
  5. For the Love of Country - CD Set

    by America Two Publishing
    Listen to history come alive with this 5-CD set of the "For the Love of Country" series. Learn More
  6. AUDIO CD - ObamaCare 101

    by Art Thompson Find out what's really in the new law and what you can expect long term. Learn More
  7. AUDIO CD - Beware of Con-Cons

    A 12-minute audio CD featuring three state legislators who urge their fellow state legislators to vote against any resolution calling for a constitutional convention (Con-Con). (2011, 12min, CD). Learn More
  8. AUDIO CD - Dollars and Sense

    Americans need to become aware of what inflation truly is and what must be done to stop the entire process. Learn More
  9. AUDIO CD - Beware of Article V

    Understanding Legislators' Limited Federal Power This 36-minute audio presentation emphasizes the inability of state legislators to prevent a "run-away" federal constitutional convention. Learn More
  10. AUDIO CD - Beware of Con-Cons: A Deeper Look

    A 30-minute DVD video featuring three state legislators to vote against any resolution calling for a constitutional convention (Con-Con). (2011, 30min, DVD). Also available in DVD format. **12-minute shortened version also available. *Sold in clear plastic sleeve only. Learn More