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  1. Not-So-Free TRADE pamphlet

    Learn more about the TPP and TTIP trade agreements and how to stop them by going to the "Choose Freedom - STOP FREE TRADE AGENDA" action page on Learn More
  2. USMCA Bulldozes American Independence Slim Jim

    Hand out these slim jims at your next event to get your local community members involved in the USMCA/NAFTA campaign. 1 = 1 pack of 25qty. Learn More
  3. USMCA: What They Are Not Telling You presentation

    Discover how the USMCA threatens your liberties and national sovereignty, and how to stop it. Learn More
  4. Robert Mueller: Errand Boy For The New World Order

    by John Milkovich An astonishing chronicle of cover-ups, corruption and collusion. Learn More
  5. In the Shadows of the Deep State: Destroying Our Sovereignty

    Want to know the primary organization behind the Deep State, who its members are, and what its goals are? Learn More

    Perfect to utilize for educating state legislators. ACTION PACK includes: • Dollars & Sense DVD • In the Shadows of the Deep State: Destroying Our Sovereignty DVD • Exposing DEEP STATE DVD • Frustrated with Politics? pamphlet • Help Keep America What it was Intended to Be! JBS Promo pamphlet • Using Truth to Fight Globalist Lies About the John Birch Society - reprint • Are you a Globalist or an Americanist? Slim Jim (pack of 25qty) Learn More
  7. USMCA and the Quest for a North American Union reprint

    This eight-page reprint by Christian Gomez originally appeared in the July 22, 2019 issue of TNA — pgs. 11-17. Learn More
  8. DOWNLOAD - STOP THE NAU Pull up Banner

    Use this eye-catching banner for your booth to attract visitors to learn more about the dangers of the North American Union." ***NOTE: This art work is created to be sent to a sign shop that has the ability to print and deliver a 36” x 80” pull-up banner. This art work was developed with a template of a standard size Banner with Stand. **Follow this link to place your order once you have purchased/downloaded the banner press file.  Link:

    *** To access any downloadable files that are purchased, you must be logged in as a registered user with the ShopJBS store. The files will be accessible from your account. ***

    Learn More
  9. In the Shadows of the Deep State - 2019

    by Arthur R. Thompson A Century of Council on Foreign Relations Scheming for World Government Learn More
  10. The New American - March 18, 2019

    From: $1.95

    To: $3.95

    No Evidence of Collusion Included in this issue: Deep State Seeks End to Metal Tariffs to "Pass USMCA" The Movieguide Awards: The Good, the True, and the Beautiful Learn More