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  1. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

    by Mark Morano, Foreword by John Coleman "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change" gives a voice -- backed by statistics, real-life stories, and incontrovertible evidence -- to the millions of "deplorable" Americans skeptical about the multibillion dollar "climate change" complex, whose claims have time and time again been proven wrong. Learn More
  2. The Invisible Government - pb

    by Dan Smoot A Former FBI Agent Exposes the Deep State Learn More
  3. Again, May God Forgive Us! America's Betrayal of China to the Communists

    From: $9.95

    To: $19.95

    by Robert Welch America's Betrayal of China to the Communists *** To access any downloadable files that are purchased, you must be logged in as a registered user with the ShopJBS store. The files will be accessible from your account. *** Learn More
  4. In the Shadows of the Deep State

    by Arthur R. Thompson A Century of Council on Foreign Relations Scheming for World Government Learn More

    Perfect to utilize for educating state legislators. ACTION PACK includes: • Dollars & Sense DVD • In the Shadows of the Deep State: Destroying Our Sovereignty DVD • Exposing DEEP STATE DVD • Frustrated with Politics? pamphlet • Help Keep America What it was Intended to Be! JBS Promo pamphlet • Using Truth to Fight Globalist Lies About the John Birch Society - reprint • Are you a Globalist or an Americanist? Slim Jim (pack of 25qty) Learn More
  6. In the Shadows of the Deep State: Destroying Our Sovereignty

    Want to know the primary organization behind the Deep State, who its members are, and what its goals are? Learn More
  7. Robert Mueller: Errand Boy For The New World Order

    by John Milkovich An astonishing chronicle of cover-ups, corruption and collusion. Learn More
  8. The Real James Madison

    by Dr. Joe Wolverton, II The True Story of America's Greatest Political Mind Learn More
  9. Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn't Want You to Know

    by Gregory Wrightstone, Foreword by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Arm yourself with the Facts! A must have for those wanting the facts on one of the most compelling and misunderstood topics of our time. Learn More
  10. Sustainable: The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals

    "Sustainable" serves as a hand book for property rights activists to organize opposition. It provides vital information to a news media that is basically clueless to these policies, and it provides a blue print for fighting back as it offers hope to those who are its victims. Learn More