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  1.  BLUE

    by Jeffrey D. King For Earth. For Humanity. For Freedom. Learn More
  2. Wait Till It's Free

    by Colin Gunn Phenomenally well-made, thought provoking, with expert testimonies, and a healthy dose of laughter, "Wait Till It’s Free" is the perfect prescription to Michael Moore’s "Sicko" and our nation’s healthcare system as a whole. See review by Christian Gomez in the 1/19/15 issue of The New American magazine, pgs. 29-31. Learn More
  3. ShadowRing

    Written by James Perloff - a film by Austin Green of Free Mind Films "ShadowRing" is a new documentary of who really controls the government. Learn More
  4. Change it or Obey it?

    Why the Constitution is the Solution Presented by Robert Brown Learn More
  5. Overview of America (sleeved)

    New digitally remastered!! Great for viewing in all venues, this video by The John Birch Society gives you a big-picture vision of why we enjoy so much personal freedom and prosperity in America. Learn More
  6. What is a Con-Con? PP presentation

    Perfect to use as a hand out for educational purposes to learn more about the Con-Con. Learn More
  7. Dual feature - NULLIFICATION VS. CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION & A CRASH COURSE on a Constitutional Convention

    Heard about the call for an Article V convention, also known as a constitutional convention? Get the real scoop and inform others with this great dual feature DVD Learn More
  8. DVD - Dual feature - LOCAL vs NATIONAL POLICE & What's Happening to our Police?
  9. The Article V Convention: What are they not telling you?

    Video-taped powerpoint presentation of the Article V convention issue. Learn More
  10. An Introduction to Trading Away Your Freedom

    What is the agenda behind so-called free trade? Learn More