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  1. Sick and Sicker

    by Logan Darrow Clements, Thomas Gertsch, & Scott McConnell When the Government Becomes Your Doctor Learn More
  2. The Real Face of the EU (Sleeved)

    Preview of a North American Union? This video is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Producer Phillip Day. Learn More
  3.  Trade Deals & Your Business? pamphlet

    Will it mean more profits or more government regulations? Learn More
  4. Not-So-Free TRADE pamphlet

    Learn more about the TPP and TTIP trade agreements and how to stop them by going to the "Choose Freedom - STOP FREE TRADE AGENDA" action page on Learn More
  5. AGENDA 21 and YOU  booklet

    Sustainable Development or Liberty? Learn about Agenda 21, how it affects you, and what you can do about it. Learn More
  6. Agenda 21 Pamphlet

    How Does Agenda 21 Affect You? 4-color tri-fold pamphlet Learn More
  7. The Nation's Deathbed

    This Canadian documentary offers valuable lessons on the formation of the North American Union. Learn More
  8. SYLP Magnetic Notepad with Important Numbers

    SYPL Magnetic Notepad. Makes a great gift for friends and family. Learn More
  9. Robert Welch Photograph - 8" X 10"

    A candid shot of Robert Welch coming out the front door of the old JBS Headquarters in Belmont, MA. Learn More
  10. Proofs Of A Conspiracy

    By John Robison Detailed description of the Order of the Illuminati. Learn More