JBS Training Video Series

JBS Training Video Series
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by JBS

The John Birch Society has the plan to succeed. This set of DVDs explains the plan, lays out the goals, and educates and motivates members to become better and more effective activists, using proven strategies and tactics. Some of our most successful leaders relate their experiences. After viewing, you’ll understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of being a Bircher. These inexpensive DVDs are a must for every JBS Chapter.


Set Includes 6 DVD's: 1. Restoring our Constitutional Republic - 39min 2. The Power of 500 - 39min 3. New Member Orientation - 21min 4. Introduction to Activism - 29min 5. Healthy Chapters by Design - 24min 6. Who Are the Enemies of Liberty? - 38min (2011ed, 190 total minutes, 6-DVD set)