JBS Straight Talk

Deep State: Moving America Toward Medical Martial Law
United Nations: From Crisis to Control
Wisconsin Court Revokes Unconstitutional Stay-at-Home Order
The New Normal: Tracking Americans via “Contact Tracing”
Deep State's Fake Science
How to Reopen Your State
No Justification to Shelter-At-Home
Saving America’s Small Businesses
Dr. Fauci Has Got to Go!
Fauci, Gates, & Big Tech Going After Your Privacy Rights
A Socialist Bailout and Digital Dollar?
Governing Constitutionally During a Crisis
Government Gone Wild?
When Government Expands, Liberty Contracts
Amid Chaos, Canada Ratifies USMCA/ CUSMA
Pacific Union Next for the US?
More Globalist Trade on the Agenda?
Beware: “Open” or “General” Constitutional Convention
H.R. 5383: Decriminalizes Illegal Immigration
ERA Disregards the “Rule of Law”
Will America Face Its Own Brexit?
Trump Signed USMCA, Now What?
UN Funding Communist North Korea
CFR Wants To “Fix” Education
Creative Take on Keeping American Embassies Safe
Anarchy in America: Abolishing Police
Congress Will Be Getting Coal for Christmas!
Why Congress Should Vote "NO" to USMCA!
USMCA has Moved Way to the Left
COP25: Climate Summit’s Real Agenda
Equal Rights Amendment: What's at Stake?
The Equal Rights Amendment Builds Momentum
National ID for Americans?
Congratulate Trump | Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal
Millennials | Politically Dazed and Confused
Should the United Nations be Celebrated?
The Progressive Push Molding Classrooms
Trump Pulls U.S. Out - Turkey Is In!
China Flexes Military Strength with Dongfeng-41
China's Influence Builds at United Nations
Are Globalists Amping Up A Middle East War?
The Youth's Fascination with Socialism
Omar’s Solution to Immigration is the U.N.
Will Big Tech Bring Government Censorship?
How Red Flag Laws Affect Your Gun Rights
Shootings Trigger Government Intervention
Equality Act – How Will it Affect You?
How Millennials are Embracing Socialism
Endless War on Terror | Afghanistan 2019
Are SPLC Allegations Against Trump Supporters True?
ITC Reviews the USMCA | What's the Verdict?
Sound Money Trumps the Federal Reserve
Protecting Our Freedoms and Liberty
How Sheriffs Defend U.S. Constitution!
United Nations – Controlling the Internet?
Facebook is Controlling the Content You Post
Privately Funded Group Proves Border Wall Can Be Built
The Reality of Trump’s Tariffs on China
Millennials Ushering in the Age of Socialism
Democrats Believe AOC’s Climate Change Forecast
Microsoft ElectionGuard | How will it Impact Voting?
Will Trump Surrender U.S. Sovereignty?
Mexico Pushes U.S. Closer to North American Union
Globalist Companies Pushing USMCA
Hawaii Lawmakers Want 2ND Amendment Repeal
Elizabeth Warren: Replace Electoral College with Popular Vote
Is there Hope for Health Care?
Foreign Aid: Is Trump’s Right?
Does Socialism in Venezuela Justify U.S. Military Intervention
Socialist Sanders Announces 2020 Presidental Run
SOTU: Trump Seeks to Unify America
Are Your Police Becoming Militarized?
YouTube Censors “Borderline Content”
Trump Threatens NATO & NWO
Defending the Thin Blue Line
RUSSIA: Friend or foe?
Will U.S. Taxpayers Buildup North Korea?
Unmasking the Secrets Behind Karl Marx
Deep State Converges at Bilderberg Meeting 2018
DOJ Secretly Nationalizing Local Police?
NJ Targets 2nd Amendment
Obama's FBI Campaign Spy Revealed
Is Equal Rights Amendment Back?
Will The Deep State Eliminate Trump?
On the Verge of a Socialist Takeover?
Communist Vietnam Pushes U.S. Into TPP New World Order
JBS Scores Big Wins in Con-Con Battle
Will Trump Flip his Stance on Gun Control?
Stop NAFTA/TPP International Merger
Will a New NAFTA be Announced at Summit of the Americas?
Will Trump Make Good on his NAFTA Promise?
Deep State Plotting Trump's Removal
Democracy for One World Government?
Trump's Big Government Rollback
The Fight Between Bundy and the Federal Government
Rethinking Gun Control?
Will GOP Trade Amnesty for National ID?
Idaho Stops Risky COS Con-Con
Electoral College in the Crosshairs
Help Stop NAFTA: Stop TPA Extension
PragerU’s False Claims: “How the States Can Save America”
Trump’s Major Announcement
Wisconsin Passes Constitutional Convention Application
How to Be a 21st Century Patriot
Congress is Doing Nothing!
Does the Second Amendment Need Clarifying?
UNESCO Kicked to the Curb!
Is Morality on Your New Years Resolution?
“Support Your Local Police” for National Police Week
Globalism at its Finest: David Rockefeller's Passing
Was the Syria Chemical Attack an Act of Terrorism?
Cutting Funds to Sanctuary Cities Is the First Step
Is Black Lives Matter Working With Communists?
Building the NAU Step 1: Big Gov’t. Rolls Out the North American Economic Alliance
Virginia Shooting an Attack on Republicans?
UN Security Council Wins Over President Trump
Globalists in the Trump Administration Deflate Plan to Terminate NAFTA
Why Not Defund Sanctuary Cities Altogether?
“Flexible” President Trump Keeps Changing His Mind
Will Kevin Hassett Help Make America Great Again?
A Constitutional Hair-Puller!
Is an Article V Convention the New Hope for Grassroots Activists?
Is Trump Causing a Possible Trade War?
President Trump to Renegotiate the Paris Accord
President Trump’s “Travel Ban” Executive Order
Reining in the Fed With the States
Meckler Contradicts His Convention Of States
Lawmakers Failed Once Again Thanks to the RINOs
Renegotiating NAFTA
Jim DeMint a Constitutionalist?
Lawmakers Must Repeal Obamacare NOT Replace
U.N. Threatens First Amendment
UN “Democracy” Threatens America
Who Should Pay for Disaster Relief?
Talks of Revamping NAFTA Begins This Week
UN Paris Agreement: Is Trump Out or In?
Will Incoming Democrats Stop or Approve USMCA?
The LIEO: Biggest Loser of 2018
National Emergency to Fund Wall?
Trump’s Border Wall - The Bigger Question
2018 Builds Momentum to Stop Globalists in 2019
Texas Declares ObamaCare Unconstitutional
UN "COP 24" Seeks Enforcement of Green World Order
Remembering NWO-Advocate George H. W. Bush
Will Congress Pass the USMCA in the Lame Duck Session?
What's wrong with the USMCA?
Election 2018: What Did All that Political Spending Buy Us?
Globalists Taking Over Our Borders
Will New Legislation Push Wealth Redistribution?
YOU'RE FIRED! Post Midterm Impeachment?
The John Birch Society: 60 Years Strong!
USMCA: What's in the Revised NAFTA Deal?
Know Before You Vote - 2018 Midterm Elections
DeVos Signs on to Globalist U.N. Education Declaration
Deep State's Fabricated "Refugee Crisis"
A North American Union Energy Plan?
New Agreement or New NAFTA?
Deep State De-Christianizing Europe
Deep State | A Nation Without Borders?
How Did Your Congressman Vote?
U.S. Seeks New Entangling Military Alliance?
NAFTA: A Globalist Trade Deal?
Trump-Putin Summit, Deep State Attacks
Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS
July 4th | Solution to Big Government
Who is in China's New Economic Alliance?
Will Students Lead an ANTI-GUN Revolution?
What's Wrong With a Constitutional Convention?
Eye on ANTIFA: November 4th
November 4: Antifa’s Planned Communist Revolution

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