The age of the Internet grants anyone who can access it an opportunity to learn a great deal about virtually anything in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the published information can be incorrect. Anyone who Googles "The John Birch Society" will see this problem demonstrated almost immediately. From the slanted view given of the Society at Wikipedia to the crazed rantings of detractors, much of the information provided is either distorted or downright false. Thus, we offer this page where we seek to set the record straight.


Myth: The JBS is a radical organization full of right-wing extremists.+

Myth: The JBS message is hate-filled.+

Myth: The JBS Founder Robert Welch called President Dwight Eisenhower a Communist.+

Myth: The JBS considers public water fluoridation part of a Communist mind-control plot.+

Myth: The JBS is nothing more than a group of conspiracy theorists.+

Myth: The JBS was booted out of the conservative movement by William F. Buckley.+

Myth: The JBS is against civil rights because it opposed several Civil Rights acts.+

Myth: The JBS is nothing more than controlled opposition, pretending to be a friend to the cause of liberty. Robert Welch sold his candy company to the leftist, internationalist Rockefellers.+

Myth: The John Birch Society played a role in the assassination of President Kennedy.+

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