Membership is Concerted Action

You are only one, yet when you join with others in working on the same issues at the same time with the same materials, that influence and pressure you create is suddenly multiplied. What you do locally will be felt nationally. That's the power of organization. That's the power of The John Birch Society.

An effective chapter can exponentially increase your ability to influence the direction of your community. By getting connected with like-minded individuals, you’ll start to feel as though your actions do make a difference. And with enough effective leaders – your actions will make a difference.

Concerted Action: Working Together

John Birch Society chapters get their guidelines from their monthly bulletin and instructions from their local field staff coordinator. You’ll never be guessing what comes next or what action to take. As a member, you will have local support and access to all the tools you need to help inform others.

Members organized into active chapters meet at the beginning of the month to plan their upcoming activities, which may include distributing literature, hosting workshops, speaking engagements, or video showings, writing letters or calling upon local media, or participating in your community's street fair or parade, or even testifying to local, county, or state legislative bodies to support or oppose an issue.

Working Together We Can Succeed!

We make the biggest impact by implementing concerted action on the same topic at the same time all across the country. Think of our chapters as mini bee colonies all with the same mission, using education as our strategy and truth as our weapon. As a member, you will have access to the issues that matter most to you. By providing you with structure, guidance, and the right tools, we set you up on the path to be successful.

Are you ready to take the next step? Join the most influential and finest body of men and women of good character, humane conscience, and religious ideals. With your help we can restore the principles of civic virtue upon which America was built, bringing about limited government and a freer tomorrow.

JBS Membership

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