Robert Bell

Robert K. Bell has never called anywhere but Tulsa, Oklahoma, his home. Born in 1940, he is a graduate of the University of Tulsa. Immediately after finishing school, he teamed up with his father at Bell’s Amusement Park and soon became its owner.

Bob’s early warnings to fellow park owners about the plans of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to impose its examiners on their industry won him a special award presented by grateful peers at their annual convention. He later challenged the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s intention to acquire jurisdiction over their industry. Taking this matter all the way to Denver’s 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, he won his case with such unimpeachable evidence that the federal government dropped the plan.

Bob and his wife, Sally, also helped to scuttle the dangerous Equal Rights Amendment by persuading key members of the Oklahoma legislature to vote against ratification. They have both served in numerous capacities at the Robert Welch University Summer Camps. Appointed to the Council in 1995, Bob continues to serve as a local JBS leader and speaker for the national JBS Speakers Bureau..

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