Brexit Crisis Has Lesson to Teach Americans

Published: March 18, 2019 Category: News Hits: 1085
Even though Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU) in 2016, a full “Brexit” has yet to happen. Massive…

Movement to Abolish the Electoral College on the Rise!

Published: March 11, 2019 Category: News Hits: 3603
The United States Electoral College is a truly valuable asset to our country. It showcases America as a Constitutional Republic…

“World Government Summit” Plotting Your Future

Published: March 04, 2019 Category: News Hits: 2317
An annual World Government Summit, which regrettably many Americans have heard nothing about, dedicates itself to “shaping the future of…

USMCA Advances the Globalist Agenda!

Published: February 25, 2019 Category: News Hits: 3610
The 2,325 page United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), intended to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), has the inherent…

Green New Deal Would Destroy US!

Published: February 15, 2019 Category: News Hits: 1938
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has it all planned out. By remaking the U.S. economy and eliminating all U.S. carbon…

Will Sound Money Bills Spark an Audit of the Fed?

Published: February 11, 2019 Category: News Hits: 1683
The Tennessee legislature is now considering bills to restore gold and silver as sound money! Rep. Ron Gant introduced HB212…


Congress, Return Internet Control to the U.S.

Published: November 18, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 3807
Contact your congressmen and tell them to pass legislation to return Internet control to the U.S.

No Way Congress! No TPP Approval in Lame-duck Session

Published: November 03, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 4543
Please phone and email your representative and senators now in opposition to approval of the TPP in the lame-duck session.

Celebrate UN Day As a "Day of Shame"

Published: October 13, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 6646
Celebrate October 24, aka UN Day, as a "Day of Shame."

Oppose Gun Control Legislation Based on the No Fly List

Published: July 08, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 3234
In the wake of the Orlando shootings, Democrats are calling for prohibiting gun purchases for those on the no-fly list.

Support #Amexit to Get US Out! of the UN

Published: July 01, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 8083
In light of the inspiring Brexit vote to get the UK out of the EU, let's support #Amexit to Get…

Stop HUD's Agenda 21-related AFFH Rule

Published: June 23, 2016 Category: Legislation Hits: 6387
The fight over HUD's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule is growing.
Tags: Agenda 21


Constitution Day 2013: 226 Years; Will We Make It to 227?

Published: September 17, 2013 Category: Commentary Hits: 6437

On this day, 226 years ago, 39 of the original 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document they’d been debating during the summer of 1787.

Republics and Democracies

Published: May 15, 2013 Category: Commentary Hits: 13435

Robert Welch gave this classic speech in Chicago on September 17 (Constitution Day), 1961.

John Birch Rescued Survivors of 1942 Doolittle Tokyo Raid

Published: April 13, 2012 Category: Commentary Hits: 11532

 Seventy years ago missionary John Birch rescued survivors of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid.

The John Birch Society's April 2012 Bulletin

Published: March 19, 2012 Category: Commentary Hits: 7722

JBS CEO Art Thompson's brief video overview of The John Birch Society's April 2012 Bulletin.

Video Preview of JBS February 2012 Bulletin

Published: February 06, 2012 Category: Commentary Hits: 6238

JBS CEO Art Thompson's one-minute preview video of the February JBS Bulletin.

JBS Members: Read Your Bulletin Lately?

Published: January 30, 2012 Category: Commentary Hits: 6210

The February 2012 JBS Bulletin is now available in print and online for dues-paying members.

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