Membership Grants Archives Access

One of the benefits of JBS Membership is access to the large over 60 year archives. View Documentaries, speeches, and interviews on topics important to JBS and its members, as well as a current Members Only weekly update.

You will also have access to the audio files in various categories, which you will be able to listen or download.

Concerted Action Tools

Action Tools are sharable educational materials. JBS Members use Action Tools to increase the professionalism and effectiveness in presenting Action Projects to prospective members and leaders they are looking to influence. Many are available for free, some of our tools can be ordered through ShopJBS.

In addition to our public Action Tools we have a large amount of Membership Action tools arranged in your Membership Area. Become a member or if you already are a JBS member please login to take advantage of the Action Tools your Membership Area.

Books, Magazines, and Scorecards

Membership also provides the ability to look back to articles from the Society magazines; American Opinion (1956-1985), The Review of the News (1965-1985), and The New American (1985-Current).

Membership Archives have a collection of books from Society staff, contributors, and well-known authors, ranging on topics from education and religion to communism and the fight for American sovereignty. Twice each year since 1987, JBS rates our congressmen, to show you how well they adhere to the Constitution. Membership allows access to all of our older Freedom Index Scorecards.

JBS Membership Benefits

The John Birch Society has produced millions of educational pieces across a spectrum of media. What’s housed online is but a fraction of what we physically have, but we are continuously adding to our online holdings. The archives go back a few years before Robert Welch founded JBS. Our archives are available to members as a membership benefit. Gain access to thousands of items, including Audio, Books, Bulletins, Flyers, Magazines, Videos and much more by joining today.

Becoming a JBS Member and options like the Continuing Support Club can provide you additional first access, ShopJBS discounts, and much more. Learn more about Membership Options and common Membership Questions.