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A little over two years after its founding in 1958, The John Birch Society was the innocent victim of one of the most massive smear attacks in American history. This smear attack originated in Moscow, USSR, and started with an article in the February 25, 1961 issue of People’s World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party on the West Coast. This smear campaign was subsequently picked up by Time magazine and the rest of the mainstream media. Most of the present-day smears against The John Birch Society stem from the misinformation included in those 1961 attacks. That’s why an FAQ page is so important for this website.

What is The John Birch Society?

The John Birch Society was founded in Indianapolis on December 9, 1958 and was chartered under the general laws of Massachusetts as a non-profit educational organization. The Society seeks to bring into its membership only men and women of good character, humane conscience, and religious ideals. We strive to set an example — in words and deeds — by dedication, integrity, and purpose, which future generations may follow without hesitation.

What is the purpose of The John Birch Society?

In Chapter 8 of The Blue Book of The John Birch Society, Robert Welch addresses this question:

“The purpose of The John Birch Society, as officially stated, will be to promote less government, more responsibility, and a better world. The purpose, as unofficially described and discussed among ourselves will be exactly the same thing. Our short-range purpose, our long-range purpose, and our lasting purpose, is to promote less government, more responsibility, and a better world. That says it all. It is, I think, simple, understandable, and all-inclusive as to the goals for which we should strive.”

Who was John Birch?

John Birch was a young fundamentalist Baptist missionary to China who volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army Air Force under General Claire Chennault during World War II. Loved and respected by Chinese and Americans alike, Captain Birch gave his life for God and his country. He was killed by Chinese Communists while in uniform, no less than ten days after the surrender of Japan and the end of the war.

The tragic news of his murder was initially suppressed by the U.S. government. Inspired by his story and life, in 1954 Robert Welch wrote the book The Life of John Birch. He then named The John Birch Society after this outstanding young man when he created the organization in 1958. To learn more about John Birch click here.

Is The John Birch Society a Christian organization?

The John Birch Society does not subscribe to any particular faith or denomination. Its membership has included individuals of such diverse religious backgrounds as Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, Latter-day Saints (Mormon), Jews, and more.

Robert Welch put it this way in The John Birch Resolutions (December, 1970):

“It is a cardinal principle of The John Birch Society that every man’s religious beliefs constitute a personal matter which is outside of our area of influence or involvement. It has been, and is, our great undertaking to bring into one body — for the first time in human history — truly good men and women of all sects, denominations, and creeds, who will work together with tolerant good will for those spiritual ideals and noble purposes which they do hold in common.”

How is The John Birch Society different from conservative political organizations?

The John Birch Society is not a political organization. Rather, it is a non-partisan educational and action organization. The John Birch Society is organized at the grassroots level with paid coordinators and volunteer leaders who establish chapters in communities all across the country.

For over 60 years, since 1958, The John Birch Society has distributed an estimated total of well over 250 million pieces of literature ranging from warning about increased government spending, taxes, centrally planned inflation, the centralization of power in the government, and the gradual appeasement toward Communism to other topics heralding the virtues of sound money, withdrawing from the United Nations, and a foreign policy of non-interventionism.

Does membership in The John Birch Society disqualify one from being accepted into the military?

Letters received from all branches of the military confirmed that this is not the case. Remarkably, the membership of The John Birch Society has had three Medal of Honor recipients within its ranks (John William Finn, Col. Lewis Millet, and Col. Mitchell Paige), now all deceased.

What is the leadership structure of The John Birch Society?

The Society is led by the Chief Executive Officer, which is chosen by the Executive Committee of the National Council. JBS staff at Headquarters in Appleton, WI. serve the needs of members. JBS members are organized by JBS Field Staff Coordinators who name volunteer Chapter Leaders. These Chapter Leaders run chapters of 8-15 members. Where there are numerous chapters in a locality, a Section Leader is named by the Coordinator to help lead the Chapter Leaders.

Learn more about how JBS leads by clicking here.

Why should I join The John Birch Society?

Because The John Birch Society knows the problems, has the constitutional solutions, has the most experience in grassroots organizing, and has made great leaps forward in educating and activating millions in its over 60 years of existence. JBS members work hard to help preserve and restore our God-given rights, the proper limitations on government as stated in the Constitution, and the prosperity that the Founding Fathers worked toward for all Americans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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