Stop the Globalists’ Trade Agenda

America is based on the philosophy that our rights come from God and that governments are instituted to secure these rights. However, the globalists’ trade agenda to establish a UN world government by means of a series of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements is a direct threat to the security of our rights.

The deceptive, the transformation of 28 formerly independent European nations into a repressive European Union supranational government reveals how globalist schemers plan to merge the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union on the way to a UN world government.

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Although the globalist schemers have been trying to establish a North American Union through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), their progress has been stymied, largely due to the grassroots resistance of The John Birch Society and our allies.

The newly negotiated NAFTA, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), appears to further this NAU effort. USMCA has many provisions for “promoting further economic integration.” As we have learned from the example of the EU, economic integration leads to political integration.

In order to prevent the globalist schemers from erecting a North American Union on the foundation provided by the USMCA, we must convince Congress to vote against the USMCA.

More Trade Agreements Coming

The globalists in the office of the United States Trade Representative are working on many more trade agreements. While President Trump is indeed getting better deals that result in more American-made products, jobs, and a better economy, globalists in his administration are using each of these deals to further entangle the United States deeper into regional integrations. As the EU members have experienced, this will lead to a large loss in American sovereignty, including even our Constitution in the long run.

When President Trump was first elected, he sent shock waves through the globalist community that Americanism, not globalism, is our credo. Yet, those in the Deep State continue to do whatever they can to block “America First”. America is once again in need of its patriots to help protect freedom and sovereignty. May we count on your help?

Stop the Globalists’ Trade Agenda